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Westie face300OceannaWestie faceWestie35sb1981WestieCrumpet the Westie108claudiacm1146Crumpet the WestieWest Highland Terrier108claudiacm1146West Highland TerrierMecki V77AmeluMecki VMecki + Luna V99AmeluMecki + Luna VMecki + Luna VI160AmeluMecki + Luna VIMecki IV63AmeluMecki IVMecki + Luna II140AmeluMecki + Luna IIMecki + Luna I112AmeluMecki + Luna IMecki in Porsche II140AmeluMecki in Porsche IIIMG_5619120IMG_5619Westie at the cottage88claudiacm1146Westie at the cottageBodie 3300memepessBodie 3Westie Family24sb1981Westie FamilyBodie formal300memepessBodie formalBodie boy 2280memepessBodie boy 2Bodie boy300memepessBodie boyLittle Bodie300memepessLittle BodieWestie Chloe90Westie ChloeBodie snow coat300memepessBodie snow coatFriends140scaritaFriendsWestie Christmas300Westie ChristmasBodies coat300memepessBodies coat