39 puzzles tagged weapons

Balestriere96marsandinoBalestriereCivil War black powder canon35KarlitosCivil War black powder canon8 inch siege mortar--186220Karlitos8 inch siege mortar--1862ALHERO, SARDENIA192lynaronALHERO, SARDENIAEv-2160rusty356Ev-2Katana35KatanaNo. 183 - Special Weapons Dalek!150TheDoctorWhoFanSiteNo. 183 - Special Weapons Dalek!Close Air Support252Phoenix911Close Air SupportB52 Load-out70BadchennB52 Load-outImage6PoophImageWhat's Next-Chopsticks? (England)6PoophWhat's Next-Chopsticks? (England)Image300PoophImageFort Morris Reenactment35KarlitosFort Morris ReenactmentFuture Weapons Tanks72solarFuture Weapons Tanks'Rick and Morty' on 'More Chaotic'15Kaboomer'Rick and Morty' on 'More Chaotic'FyVmlAP35KarlitosFyVmlAPWallhaven-363831 Rifle300JungleGeorgeWallhaven-363831 RifleAmerican Patroit99tvb70American PatroitImage170ImageColt Automatic Advert300PoophColt Automatic AdvertResult of 16 inch AP shell on 26 inches of armor on Battleship Y140Result of 16 inch AP shell on 26 inches of armor on Battleship YRound Sheilds299PoophRound SheildsWarrior252dotty60WarriorComing to a Sky Near You300PoophComing to a Sky Near You