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A few waves in Belliveau Cove300karlakellyA few waves in Belliveau Covehuge tsunami12ardenahuge tsunamiLarger - 59108rozfromozLarger - 59disruptive tsunami12ardenadisruptive tsunamiBeneath Kitty Hawk Pier99FrancesPBeneath Kitty Hawk PierKitty Hawk Pier99FrancesPKitty Hawk PierPhare de Tévenec, Bretagne, Y LeGal96catlocPhare de Tévenec, Bretagne, Y LeGalDream on the Beach70GoldGalDream on the BeachMany Colours - Z81rozfromozMany Colours - ZBlueRipples,Pix-151481824rozfromozBlueRipples,Pix-1514818Ola80VIXENOlaWavy & Orange28rozfromozWavy & Orangewave vs snow160ElRastawave vs snowLarger - 46168rozfromozLarger - 46Lovely Lively Locks77marymeowLovely Lively LocksVelsheda140VelshedaSphere70rozfromozSphere#Rocky Coast198Kaboomer#Rocky Coast#Ocean Storm6Kaboomer#Ocean StormBefore the wind132Before the windSailboat, Pointe-Noire96EcclesiastesSailboat, Pointe-NoireNotre Dame Beach, Pointe-Noire99EcclesiastesNotre Dame Beach, Pointe-NoireA beautiful place15FranquezasA beautiful placeLighthouse Tourlitis Greece70chirLighthouse Tourlitis Greece