117 puzzles tagged waffles
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^ Waffles with ice cream and strawberry sauce28300zx^ Waffles with ice cream and strawberry saucewaffles210mandybeckswaffleswafflewich180mandybeckswafflewich^ Savory green chile cheddar cornbread waffles20300zx^ Savory green chile cheddar cornbread wafflesBLACKBERRY & GRILLED CHEESE WAFFLES108susanjoy88BLACKBERRY & GRILLED CHEESE WAFFLESWaffles St Patricks Day42kittiesareniceWaffles St Patricks DayChorizo/haloumi/spinach/waffles90otterific10Chorizo/haloumi/spinach/wafflesWaffles and Berries20Cookie303Waffles and BerriesBerries and Cream Waffles80GoldGalBerries and Cream Waffles^ Waffles with strawberries35300zx^ Waffles with strawberries^ Belgium Waffles and Strawberries35300zx^ Belgium Waffles and StrawberriesBreakfast Boost After A Night On The Town36AmyJoyBreakfast Boost After A Night On The TownButtermilk Waffles72GoldGalButtermilk WafflesWaffles209EustaceWafflesOat-waffles-3-e1381696899680300MylliOat-waffles-3-e1381696899680^ Waffles with fruit35300zx^ Waffles with fruit^ Heart waffles and fruit35300zx^ Heart waffles and fruitWaffs108LivvWaffsWaffles35bubusWaffles^ Waffles and strawberries32300zx^ Waffles and strawberries^ Waffle breakfast sandwich35300zx^ Waffle breakfast sandwichWaffles with Figs, Berries, and Syrup35GoldGalWaffles with Figs, Berries, and SyrupBlueberries dessert228crovenBlueberries dessertWaffles with Waffles63kittiesareniceWaffles with Waffles