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Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes60swreaderValley of Ten Thousand SmokesLava flows on the big island60swreaderLava flows on the big islandSunriver, OR209Sunriver, ORDallol Hot Springs 02 Ethiopa220EmbeeDallol Hot Springs 02 EthiopaDallol Hot Springs 0135EmbeeDallol Hot Springs 01Unusual Mountain (Volcanic plug?) in Tasmania40swreaderUnusual Mountain (Volcanic plug?) in TasmaniaVolcanic lightning112carlalalaVolcanic lightningVolcanic spires at the edge of Crater Lake70swreaderVolcanic spires at the edge of Crater LakeVolcanic Origins Dominate Pinnacles National Park54swreaderVolcanic Origins Dominate Pinnacles National ParkBlack Sand Beach on Santorini63swreaderBlack Sand Beach on SantoriniThe famous Red Beach at Santorini in the Greek Isles63swreaderThe famous Red Beach at Santorini in the Greek IslesLast light on Pinnacles High Peaks77swreaderLast light on Pinnacles High PeaksTenerife Casa los balcones40PhotoTenerife Casa los balconesThree Sisters  Pinacles National Park, CA88swreaderThree Sisters Pinacles National Park, CAKaunaoa Bay, Big Island Hawaii48swreaderKaunaoa Bay, Big Island Hawaii7-lava117SP3657-lavaEl Malpais National Monument, New Mexico60swreaderEl Malpais National Monument, New MexicoHaleakala sunrise48swreaderHaleakala sunriseLava Rocks117aslaton8Lava RocksRising Tide at Sunset, New Zealand63swreaderRising Tide at Sunset, New ZealandGreen Beach Big Island Hawaii70swreaderGreen Beach Big Island HawaiiKing's Creek Falls - Lassen Volcanic Nat. Park, Mineral, CA60swreaderKing's Creek Falls - Lassen Volcanic Nat. Park, Mineral, CAVolcanic Lightning 2120lizwVolcanic Lightning 2Death Valley's Volcanic Exposion Crater63swreaderDeath Valley's Volcanic Exposion Crater