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Vladimir Mukhin, beautifully chic...35715ajan3Vladimir Mukhin, beautifully chic...Burano Italy12caprariucarmenBurano Italybeautiful cottage12caprariucarmenbeautiful cottageamazing old car12caprariucarmenamazing old car40's Airshow~99Bronwyn40's Airshow~Chrysler Airflow 1934 by Harry Anderson99715ajan3Chrysler Airflow 1934 by Harry Andersonrainbow car9caprariucarmenrainbow carNotre Dame d'Afrique-Alger12caprariucarmenNotre Dame d'Afrique-AlgerCompound Touring Car 1906 by Harry Anderson96715ajan3Compound Touring Car 1906 by Harry AndersonA Pretty Scene, painted by John Sloane...48715ajan3A Pretty Scene, painted by John Sloane...Vintage Art by John Sloane, a pretty place...99715ajan3Vintage Art by John Sloane, a pretty place...Flora and Fauna by John Francis60715ajan3Flora and Fauna by John Francis1960 Holiday House70rfedermann1960 Holiday House4 July-USA12caprariucarmen4 July-USAFamily Portrait~ Falter100BronwynFamily Portrait~ FalterHomestead60QuiltieJHomesteadVintage Burgundy Trailer70rfedermannVintage Burgundy TrailerPaula Vaughn,  Always and forever99715ajan3Paula Vaughn, Always and foreverMark Keathley, Moments to remember99715ajan3Mark Keathley, Moments to rememberMagnolia Morning by Mort Kunstler...120715ajan3Magnolia Morning by Mort Kunstler...Beautiful Marilyn...48715ajan3Beautiful Marilyn...Carole Spandau 'Fifties Montreal'...48715ajan3Carole Spandau 'Fifties Montreal'...Carole Spandau 'Vintage Montreal Bakery'...48715ajan3Carole Spandau 'Vintage Montreal Bakery'...His Master's Voice40PhotoHis Master's Voice