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Agami Heron (Agamia agami)54Swangoose56Agami Heron (Agamia agami)Albereta canada dd80Swangoose56Albereta canada ddIMG_847770Swangoose56IMG_8477Flora vista dd80Swangoose56Flora vista ddHidden lakes 3 CO dd70Swangoose56Hidden lakes 3 CO ddDalias 1 dd63Swangoose56Dalias 1 ddElephant reflection. Africa dd70Swangoose56Elephant reflection. Africa ddBlue hydranga dd90Swangoose56Blue hydranga ddFlowers with bees dd90Swangoose56Flowers with bees ddNicobar Pigeon dd80Swangoose56Nicobar Pigeon ddAutumn in Albula, Switzerland96Swangoose56Autumn in Albula, SwitzerlandCool flowers dd70Swangoose56Cool flowers ddPurple petunia dd81Swangoose56Purple petunia ddKellys view in norway 177Swangoose56Kellys view in norway 1Garden balls dd80Swangoose56Garden balls ddCrater Lake. National Park Oregon USA88Swangoose56Crater Lake. National Park Oregon USACanyonlands National Park near Moab80Swangoose56Canyonlands National Park near MoabBright flowers m1m80Swangoose56Bright flowers m1mNorthern-lights-mirrored-on-lake209popifiloxNorthern-lights-mirrored-on-lakeAmazing views72shaperAmazing viewsMolas Pass Area Colorado~TL Gordon300TLGordonMolas Pass Area Colorado~TL GordonTrunk Bay in Virgin Islands National Park70swreaderTrunk Bay in Virgin Islands National ParkSunset209popifiloxSunsetNorthern Lights90BillyKatNorthern Lights