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norrkoping sweden bergsbron north-west300nikka240norrkoping sweden bergsbron north-westnorrkoping sweden matteus kyrka300nikka240norrkoping sweden matteus kyrkaStrasbourg View of the River Ill with Église Saint-Thomas.108JeanneMStrasbourg View of the River Ill with Église Saint-Thomas.norrkoping sweden grytstorget north299nikka240norrkoping sweden grytstorget northnorrkoping sweden laxholmstorgsbron north300nikka240norrkoping sweden laxholmstorgsbron northnorrkoping sweden norra promenaden trams300nikka240norrkoping sweden norra promenaden tramsnorrkoping sweden gamlebro south300nikka240norrkoping sweden gamlebro southnorrkoping sweden drags from west300nikka240norrkoping sweden drags from westnorrkoping sweden holmentorget west300nikka240norrkoping sweden holmentorget westnorrkoping sweden saltangsbron west300nikka240norrkoping sweden saltangsbron westMall entrance, Dublin, Ireland70gerryakMall entrance, Dublin, IrelandMural.DallasBarkPark300JillusJMural.DallasBarkParkArtist wife Bridget Laurent from sonomamag.clom35FadeArtist wife Bridget Laurent from sonomamag.clomMontreal lamp by James35FadeMontreal lamp by JamesHighway 401 Toronto15FadeHighway 401 Torontoold car12ardenaold carUrban wildlife photo by Taxiarchos2286FadeUrban wildlife photo by Taxiarchos228Urban area in Catalonia130fanikaUrban area in CataloniaBeauty by Konstantin Razumov (Russian artist - b.1974)70BronwynBeauty by Konstantin Razumov (Russian artist - b.1974)colourful buildings20Knawnscolourful buildingsYellow School Bus photo by Raysonho wikimedia28FadeYellow School Bus photo by Raysonho wikimediaListen 'You'll Think Of Me' youtube.com/watch?v=2en4ofkt1eo35KaboomerListen 'You'll Think Of Me' youtube.com/watch?v=2en4ofkt1eoArte urbano pelo de árbol25Arte urbano pelo de árbolS3252S3