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IMG_4482192IMG_4482^ Tower Bridge ~ Susie Grindey25300zx^ Tower Bridge ~ Susie GrindeyLaura K. Moran209Laura K. MoranDog playing tug6SpencerKayDog playing tugALBANY TUG150WendyC67ALBANY TUGJoseph H Thompson Jr.204Joseph H Thompson Jr.Stan Tug 1907 ICE Great Lakes Towing88JeanneMStan Tug 1907 ICE Great Lakes TowingTug96TugPresque Isle96Presque IsleMcAllister Sisters with WTC108McAllister Sisters with WTCMegan Beyel108Megan BeyelCoos Bay tugboats99Color4PeaceCoos Bay tugboatsTugboats 02204EmbeeTugboats 02Tug of war70shaperTug of warOld # 570bobduckyOld # 5Independence90woodturnerIndependenceBarbados Tugboat150LordVelveetaBarbados Tugboat14095929_670997526381107_848136048185700515_n260Pepper2214095929_670997526381107_848136048185700515_nPlaying Puppies6mika7Playing PuppiesTug boat70carol2015Tug boatShip on Hunter River30AnnaghmShip on Hunter RiverNYS Canal Corp Tug Urger80daabootNYS Canal Corp Tug Urgereastbound tug80woodturnereastbound tugtug70woodturnertug