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Sanguesa Wise Men at Santa Maria le Real48AmyJoySanguesa Wise Men at Santa Maria le RealCastile de Jaca160AmyJoyCastile de JacaSomething To Eat After The Soak130AmyJoySomething To Eat After The SoakLong Deserved Soak in Jaca108AmyJoyLong Deserved Soak in JacaUSS Proteus110MarkJerichoUSS ProteusJaca Street Tour143AmyJoyJaca Street TourArrival At The Jaca Citadel228AmyJoyArrival At The Jaca CitadelRoad Snack60AmyJoyRoad SnackVillanua Road90AmyJoyVillanua RoadVillanua Road Sign48AmyJoyVillanua Road SignGoats Along the Camino Trail91AmyJoyGoats Along the Camino TrailPilgrim Statue Downward Bound90AmyJoyPilgrim Statue Downward BoundWildflower Somewhere In the Pyrenees48AmyJoyWildflower Somewhere In the PyreneesRest130AmyJoyRestCanfranc Train Station Empty Alone190AmyJoyCanfranc Train Station Empty AloneUrdos Pyrenees110AmyJoyUrdos PyreneesPastoral View Bedous To Urdos Pyrenees192AmyJoyPastoral View Bedous To Urdos PyreneesLovely Home Bedous To Urdos Pyrenees112AmyJoyLovely Home Bedous To Urdos PyreneesBedous To Urdos Pyrenees63AmyJoyBedous To Urdos PyreneesBedous Road Pyrenees180AmyJoyBedous Road PyreneesBedous Pyrenees150AmyJoyBedous PyreneesRustic Doors Seen From The Road190AmyJoyRustic Doors Seen From The RoadFont in Oloron-Sainte-Marie91AmyJoyFont in Oloron-Sainte-MarieOloron-Sainte-Marie Shrine63AmyJoyOloron-Sainte-Marie Shrine