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Train 51548a38mgaTrain 515Waiting for the Train...90715ajan3Waiting for the Train...16227598534_b2df1a47cd_o300Pilnikus16227598534_b2df1a47cd_oSunset train150Cat120Sunset trainWAGON WHEELS200cacabuckWAGON WHEELST-car on the Great Scotsman120GerivT-car on the Great ScotsmanICE-T300SeakingICE-TKirkland Lake station99barkaparkaKirkland Lake stationSuper Continental96barkaparkaSuper ContinentalTrain 51348a38mgaTrain 513Train 51248a38mgaTrain 512T-Flying Scotsman - 1984108GerivT-Flying Scotsman - 1984TRAIN WATCHING180cacabuckTRAIN WATCHINGRIVER RUN170cacabuckRIVER RUNNuggetville Station~99BronwynNuggetville Station~Train 51148a38mgaTrain 511Rio Grande Train260LT074Rio Grande TrainIN REMEMBRANCE198cacabuckIN REMEMBRANCEFIRE & GRAIN160cacabuckFIRE & GRAINBLACK HORSE180cacabuckBLACK HORSEBIRDS LANDING190cacabuckBIRDS LANDINGOn the tt a198DAN222On the tt aShay 41 Of The MK Lumber Company204DAN222Shay 41 Of The MK Lumber CompanyTwo D and RGW Trains At Mears Junction204DAN222Two D and RGW Trains At Mears Junction