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Stichworte zur näheren Kennzeichnung: +color +colorful +adorable +child +potw +art +bear +teddy +doll +animal

Tea with teddy20HazyTea with teddyThe proposal24smjmThe proposalAmong the roses16HazyAmong the rosesLovely duo12smjmLovely duo13818021634_985a5f1f08_o98slotracer4313818021634_985a5f1f08_oHug me! *(O_O)* I'm afraid!32ninussaHug me! *(O_O)* I'm afraid!And now I will take you to my bedroom.36ninussaAnd now I will take you to my bedroom.Mr Big42HazyMr BigIn the woods9HazyIn the woodsBetsy and Bryan Bear24HazyBetsy and Bryan BearSleeping friends25smjmSleeping friendsStory time12patijewlStory timePaddington and the picnic hamper24HazyPaddington and the picnic hamperTeddy between Flowers12KarindTeddy between FlowersLilac bears28HazyLilac bearsSnowdrop42HazySnowdropFashion model6HazyFashion modeltime to sleep35ninussatime to sleepteddy delivery12qwertzteddy deliveryMy teddy-mousy, woven300anitawittlingerMy teddy-mousy, wovenMousy the teddy bear12anitawittlingerMousy the teddy bearToy Cars300OceannaToy Carsuh oh6Nervebreakeruh ohMarry Me?6NervebreakerMarry Me?