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All colours, all nations12patijewlAll colours, all nationsSpikes35LetiBravoSpikesGoing to school8patijewlGoing to schoolFarm animals6mika7Farm animalsWild animals12mika7Wild animalsChicks6mika7ChicksDwarfs12mika7DwarfsCaterpillar9mika7CaterpillarVeggies6mika7VeggiesJoseph Burgess ♡♡♡12halosuggyJoseph Burgess ♡♡♡Knit Sleepy Fox Baby Toy4KaboomerKnit Sleepy Fox Baby ToyOctopus6KarindOctopusTwo Bears created by Anita Wilschut15KarindTwo Bears created by Anita WilschutPond Clipper 1130Pond Clipper 1Peluches....35heringPeluches....♡ Rainbows ♡ ♡♡15halosuggy♡ Rainbows ♡ ♡♡Plastic toy blocks @ toy blocks @ Bears Picnic78KarindTeddy Bears PicnicAndy12VIXENAndyDon't forget me!!35heringDon't forget me!!A bear in the forest6qwertzA bear in the forestBouncy Billiard Balls56JamieTKBouncy Billiard BallsDolls in kimono20patijewlDolls in kimonoBaby6UncleEdwardBaby