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Cape Breton108yeeapCape BretonCaraquet, historic Acadian village by Asymetric/Matthew Vibert35FadeCaraquet, historic Acadian village by Asymetric/Matthew VibertNormandie Tour 2015 by Miwok CCO36FadeNormandie Tour 2015 by Miwok CCOBus à Milan35heringBus à MilanHarvesting Hay at Colonial Williamsburg96kittiesareniceHarvesting Hay at Colonial WilliamsburgCapitol Building at Colonial Williamsburg99kittiesareniceCapitol Building at Colonial WilliamsburgEdgarton, Massachusetts60FadeEdgarton, MassachusettsLighthouses for sale from themaritimexplorer35FadeLighthouses for sale from themaritimexplorerVisiting a slate mine in Cumbria12patijewlVisiting a slate mine in Cumbriataj-mahal-agra-india180Starrgaizzertaj-mahal-agra-indiaTo visit comfortably...35heringTo visit comfortably...Part of the Hobbiton Movie set near Matamata32swreaderPart of the Hobbiton Movie set near MatamataARTISTIC DOME15zipnonARTISTIC DOMEMont-Saint-Michel, since 201260catlocMont-Saint-Michel, since 2012Mont-St-Michel, embouteillage35catlocMont-St-Michel, embouteillageMont-St Michel, 1980s32catlocMont-St Michel, 1980sCITY OF ARTS, VALENCIA, SPAIN20zipnonCITY OF ARTS, VALENCIA, SPAINTrabant...for tourists96catlocTrabant...for touristsSaint-Jean-du-Gard, 3035catlocSaint-Jean-du-Gard, 30Niagara Falls Canada Buffalo NY35GrandmaMarjieNiagara Falls Canada Buffalo NYFuente Elvira FRAILES35TecnicoTurismoFuente Elvira FRAILESFuente del NACIMIENTO de FRAILES36TecnicoTurismoFuente del NACIMIENTO de FRAILESCasa de José Escribano, la popular "Casa D. Fermín"35TecnicoTurismoCasa de José Escribano, la popular "Casa D. Fermín"Inside the balloon130Colj7Inside the balloon