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Vancouver - Totem Poles63Cookie303Vancouver - Totem PolesSaxman Native Village Totem Pole Ketchikan Alaska99gamtnwxSaxman Native Village Totem Pole Ketchikan AlaskaTotem Poles Prince of Wales Island Alaska USA117gamtnwxTotem Poles Prince of Wales Island Alaska USAAlaskan Totem Poles USA99gamtnwxAlaskan Totem Poles USAKiller Whale Totem Pole Carcross Yukon Canada96gamtnwxKiller Whale Totem Pole Carcross Yukon CanadaTotem Poles Duncan British Columbia Canada99gamtnwxTotem Poles Duncan British Columbia CanadaAn Andean totem143deanoAn Andean totemTotem the eagle woman gave birth a fish90walkswithTotem the eagle woman gave birth a fishTotem poles one unpainted90walkswithTotem poles one unpaintedTotem pole details unknown90walkswithTotem pole details unknownTotem detail no info88walkswithTotem detail no infoTotem pole bird section88walkswithTotem pole bird sectionUnknown totem poles & people for scale80walkswithUnknown totem poles & people for scaleWolf totem northwest88walkswithWolf totem northwestSeattle totem pole side view88walkswithSeattle totem pole side viewThe hunter's totem88walkswithThe hunter's totemLummi totem pole begins in montana98walkswithLummi totem pole begins in montanaNorthwest passage totem pole80walkswithNorthwest passage totem poleBear totem portion location unknown80walkswithBear totem portion location unknownAncient totem remnant96walkswithAncient totem remnantKitselas totem poles80walkswithKitselas totem polesHole in the ice totem pole80walkswithHole in the ice totem poleTlingit totem pole80walkswithTlingit totem poleTlingit Community House and Totem Poles80walkswithTlingit Community House and Totem Poles