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Unsophisticated village houses80FranceMarieUnsophisticated village housesMazar e Sharif Mosque, Afghanistan96MorvorenMazar e Sharif Mosque, AfghanistanIn Aveiro, Portugal35mika7In Aveiro, PortugalThe Moorish Mansion77JAHoThe Moorish MansionDetail. Blue Mosque of Yerevan. Armenia96MorvorenDetail. Blue Mosque of Yerevan. ArmeniaDoorway Blue Mosque, Yerevan. Armenia99MorvorenDoorway Blue Mosque, Yerevan. Armenia+ Tiled Steps88Victory3103+ Tiled Stepstiled fountain, Hassan II mosque252barduntiled fountain, Hassan II mosqueArchitecture in India24bodhi4meArchitecture in IndiaIn Veitri sul Mare, Italy35mika7In Veitri sul Mare, ItalyCOLORFUL TILES20zipnonCOLORFUL TILESAbove the Town Gate, Óbidos, Portugal99MorvorenAbove the Town Gate, Óbidos, PortugalOld town roofs300scriptoresfdOld town roofsMosaic-1904228,Pix70rozfromozMosaic-1904228,PixPlaces - St George's Hall Minton Tile - Liverpool221Magpie627Places - St George's Hall Minton Tile - LiverpoolPlaces - St George's Hall Mosaics - Liverpool228Magpie627Places - St George's Hall Mosaics - LiverpoolMosaic Tiles35rozfromozMosaic Tilesceramic bird49bardunceramic birdMore Tiles30rozfromozMore TilesCeramic Mosaic Tiles42jppffCeramic Mosaic TilesMusic store35smjmMusic storeChapel roof, Gourdon91FranceMarieChapel roof, GourdonLots Of Blue30BlindTigerLots Of BlueColoured TILES35rozfromozColoured TILES