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White-Horse-Running-In-Water220ZloboleonWhite-Horse-Running-In-WaterHusky on the snow99ZloboleonHusky on the snowHistoric Lighthouse in Montauk, New York63swreaderHistoric Lighthouse in Montauk, New YorkNormal TLG S1 E20 0162200ziomekPLNormal TLG S1 E20 0162By the Sea272By the SeaManale Bay, Hawaii60swreaderManale Bay, HawaiiRubens Santoro In the gondola Venice108glaserdjRubens Santoro In the gondola VeniceA view across the Sissiboo300karlakellyA view across the SissibooOur House in the calm80Charlie1934Our House in the calmThe ol' barn and hay wagon at sunset....54FreddijThe ol' barn and hay wagon at sunset....Mon Cheri TLC Collections35TigerjagMon Cheri TLC CollectionsSunset on the ol' red barn....54FreddijSunset on the ol' red barn....Three White stallions gallop out of the surf....54FreddijThree White stallions gallop out of the surf....A bull elk in the morning fog.70shaperA bull elk in the morning fog.A door to the past300karlakellyA door to the pastRunning free as the wind,poetry in motion....54FreddijRunning free as the wind,poetry in motion....Lord of the Ring Poster - Legolas204MelphieLord of the Ring Poster - LegolasThe vampire diaries season 2-wide35The vampire diaries season 2-wideBook, coffee, headphones36MathildeNielsenBook, coffee, headphonesKid & the Donkeys112Charlie1934Kid & the DonkeysCHASE IS ON Photographed by GENA FLANIGEN110JerriMowry1CHASE IS ON Photographed by GENA FLANIGENOn the Beach70shaperOn the Beach9603629a5aa93a16d715c875ec7763e5architecturelondon england photo70TrishaLee9603629a5aa93a16d715c875ec7763e5architecturelondon england photoThe white house70shaperThe white house