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An Evening in Paris~ Lushpin99BronwynAn Evening in Paris~ LushpinRoof terrace96carmenrRoof terrace^ Kerry Hallam ~ Terrace Luncheon35300zx^ Kerry Hallam ~ Terrace LuncheonRice terrace China110ned1558Rice terrace Chinaterasz192szaboicateraszRice field terrace in Vietnam. Photo by ©Por Pathompat210irenetsRice field terrace in Vietnam. Photo by ©Por Pathompat2282 WS sunset LL LR1302282 WS sunset LL LR2285 LL WS sunset LR1402285 LL WS sunset LR2294 MWS sunset LL LR1302294 MWS sunset LL LRWhere is the window?99catlocWhere is the window?Trattoria-tre-marchetti-verona-italy154KarindTrattoria-tre-marchetti-verona-italyPortofino-painting48gelsominaPortofino-paintingRomantic terrace Paris70gelsominaRomantic terrace ParisCabosanlucas-haciendabeachvilla11-19209pipistrello777Cabosanlucas-haciendabeachvilla11-19Conversation on the Terrace~ Eugene de Blaas90BronwynConversation on the Terrace~ Eugene de BlaasVarious small 29 mondane terrace60PixiVarious small 29 mondane terraceWide View From Terrace of Snowy Mountains120gamtnwxWide View From Terrace of Snowy MountainsTerrace View of Ocean and Mountain Cliffs117gamtnwxTerrace View of Ocean and Mountain CliffsLovely view from a terrace35mika7Lovely view from a terraceNice place to relax35mika7Nice place to relaxMickey and Minnie in Paris...63TrishaLeeMickey and Minnie in Paris...On a terrace35mika7On a terrace^ Terrace view, Greece36300zx^ Terrace view, Greece^ Ocean view35300zx^ Ocean view