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Last of The Smoky Mtns - Abingdon Gap Shelter35AmyJoyLast of The Smoky Mtns - Abingdon Gap ShelterMile 0453 Fawn54AmyJoyMile 0453 FawnMile 0449 Double Springs Path30AmyJoyMile 0449 Double Springs PathFox Squirrel80AmyJoyFox SquirrelMay Fly54AmyJoyMay FlyMile 0436 Lightning Storm in Smoky Mountains54AmyJoyMile 0436 Lightning Storm in Smoky MountainsI forget - are these Forget Me Nots54AmyJoyI forget - are these Forget Me NotsTurkey Pen Flats Creek54AmyJoyTurkey Pen Flats CreekMile 0433 Kissing Deer54AmyJoyMile 0433 Kissing DeerMile 0430 Watauga Lake Dam112AmyJoyMile 0430 Watauga Lake DamOver The Gorge Rail Trestle91AmyJoyOver The Gorge Rail TrestleLaurel Fork Waterfall56AmyJoyLaurel Fork WaterfallMile 0417 Wild Petunia Trail91AmyJoyMile 0417 Wild Petunia TrailColorful Caterpillars54AmyJoyColorful CaterpillarsSmoky Mt Bear Lookin At Me54AmyJoySmoky Mt Bear Lookin At MeMile 0413 Who Needs GPS88AmyJoyMile 0413 Who Needs GPSMile 0410 Coon Den Ridge Falls54AmyJoyMile 0410 Coon Den Ridge FallsWildflower Fire Pink54AmyJoyWildflower Fire PinkMile 0404 Wild Ramp Patch55AmyJoyMile 0404 Wild Ramp PatchA Gentle Waterfall Past The Shelter54AmyJoyA Gentle Waterfall Past The ShelterLand Coral Fungi56AmyJoyLand Coral FungiMile 0393 Jones Falls54AmyJoyMile 0393 Jones FallsMile 0380 Little Hump Mountain120AmyJoyMile 0380 Little Hump MountainYellow Mountain108AmyJoyYellow Mountain