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18th & Final Mirror, Webb Telescope, ESA120ursa18th & Final Mirror, Webb Telescope, ESAStar cluster Trumpler 14 via Hubble9114donnaStar cluster Trumpler 14 via HubbleFairy science168jocelyn04011Fairy science640x480ADYNHLH6120candycoop640x480ADYNHLH6Parkes35ParkesTest mirror segments for the James Webb Space Telescope117ursaTest mirror segments for the James Webb Space TelescopeGreat Telescope in Birr130IrishmanGreat Telescope in Birr20141223.telescope-2000150rteeter20141223.telescope-2000Alexander jansson 10656dmd2Alexander jansson 106M74300MaldarianM74NGC 5584300MaldarianNGC 5584Galaxy M51300MaldarianGalaxy M51Star gazing108diana473Star gazingZuhören99MediothekZuhörenSpace Simulation Chamber prepared for Webb Telescope117ursaSpace Simulation Chamber prepared for Webb TelescopeHearing Aide of the Universe220AmyJoyHearing Aide of the Universe#Telescope117Kaboomer#Telescope#Nantucket Breeze Kim's Cottages (1011x1280)54Kaboomer#Nantucket Breeze Kim's Cottages (1011x1280)Parkes radio telescope, Australia180pnumekinParkes radio telescope, AustraliaWesterbork Radio Telescope100LeydenBlueWesterbork Radio TelescopeAtmosphere on Saturn by Cassini, ESA120ursaAtmosphere on Saturn by Cassini, ESALick Observatory by Laurie Hatch 499ursaLick Observatory by Laurie Hatch 4Lick Observatory by Laurie Hatch 2108ursaLick Observatory by Laurie Hatch 2Milky Way above Yunnan Observatory120ursaMilky Way above Yunnan Observatory