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Bear Hug300MorganDeVaulBear HugJenny Newland 'Puppy Party'100rwmainJenny Newland 'Puppy Party'WHATS THAT110susanjoy88WHATS THATGIVE ME A KISS120susanjoy88GIVE ME A KISSTwins for Twins35KwiltergirlTwins for TwinsBest Friend117djeanBest FriendTEDDY & FLOWERS120susanjoy88TEDDY & FLOWERSROCKING HORSE BEAR108susanjoy88ROCKING HORSE BEARTIME FOR A STORY120susanjoy88TIME FOR A STORYTeddy bear crab99janellecarterTeddy bear crabVideo 69 0 00 02-0935ElaineKVideo 69 0 00 02-09DAY OUT120susanjoy88DAY OUTJane Maday 'Kittens and Candies'150rwmainJane Maday 'Kittens and Candies'Bon anniversaire, nos voeux...88ThemiguelaBon anniversaire, nos voeux...Neutrals teddy180AnneALHNeutrals teddyJenny Newland 'Kittens and Teddy Bear'88rwmainJenny Newland 'Kittens and Teddy Bear'Painted Canyon at Sunrise48swreaderPainted Canyon at SunriseTeddy-Bear-with-Gift-1920x120054gelsominaTeddy-Bear-with-Gift-1920x1200Teddy Kisses Loves77PattyOliveiraTeddy Kisses LovesCharles Wysocki 'Gangs All Here'130rwmainCharles Wysocki 'Gangs All Here'Teddy in love16CyprusTeddy in loveTeddies reading12CyprusTeddies readingPink and white teddies12CyprusPink and white teddiesTeddy Teatime154rwmainTeddy Teatime