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Don't forget your old friend!32heringDon't forget your old friend!16299386_10155087683976495_3157270996869489827_n78Ciupercuta16299386_10155087683976495_3157270996869489827_nHappy Puzzle Mess20KaboomerHappy Puzzle Messteddy bear on the grass15qwertzteddy bear on the grass#Teddy Bears150Kaboomer#Teddy BearsToy bears81KatinkaGardenerToy bearsSanta Claus28bubusSanta Clauschristmas eve32bubuschristmas eveGerman glass and teddy, by melsofmaui at deviantart300German glass and teddy, by melsofmaui at deviantart2 new teddy's by Gladys300anitawittlinger2 new teddy's by GladysBebé con su osito40VIXENBebé con su ositoBear Collection300OceannaBear CollectionSnow White10ninussaSnow WhiteHey! Stop it!36ninussaHey! Stop it!Thumbelina35ninussaThumbelinaNita Showers - Teddy And Toys6mika7Nita Showers - Teddy And ToysSmiling Teddy12KarindSmiling TeddySmall-baby-and-teddy-bear6KarindSmall-baby-and-teddy-bearIf you scared to the dark at night36ninussaIf you scared to the dark at nightMy own space36ninussaMy own space#Can a Teddy Bear Really Ever Be Too Big?49Kaboomer#Can a Teddy Bear Really Ever Be Too Big?#I Want to Be Home with You12Kaboomer#I Want to Be Home with YouHey! You want to be my?36ninussaHey! You want to be my?A Really SMALL Teddy Bear!20ninussaA Really SMALL Teddy Bear!