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Happy Puzzle Mess20KaboomerHappy Puzzle MessGerman glass and teddy, by melsofmaui at deviantart300German glass and teddy, by melsofmaui at deviantart2 new teddy's by Gladys300anitawittlinger2 new teddy's by GladysBeautiful Autumn Girl W/Her Teddy Bear24dankenstyneBeautiful Autumn Girl W/Her Teddy BearJohn Bindon's stories and hot chocolate9HazyJohn Bindon's stories and hot chocolateOops42HazyOopsBy John Bindon56HazyBy John BindonHomemade with love24smjmHomemade with love#Can a Teddy Bear Really Ever Be Too Big?49Kaboomer#Can a Teddy Bear Really Ever Be Too Big?#I Want to Be Home with You12Kaboomer#I Want to Be Home with YouPaddington and the picnic hamper24HazyPaddington and the picnic hamperMy teddy-mousy, woven300anitawittlingerMy teddy-mousy, woven#Teddy Bear Love198Kaboomer#Teddy Bear Love#Teddy Bear Lollys12Kaboomer#Teddy Bear Lollys#Everyone Deserves Their Own Teddy Bear6Kaboomer#Everyone Deserves Their Own Teddy BearTye dye bears12HazyTye dye bearsTeddy Bear Picnic35Cookie303Teddy Bear PicnicWe are the care bears32HazyWe are the care bearsGummi Bears ♡ ~ POTW ♡ ♡ ♡8halosuggyGummi Bears ♡ ~ POTW ♡ ♡ ♡Romero Britto, teddy art...72715ajan3Romero Britto, teddy art...The family30HazyThe familyI love you30HazyI love youTallulah9HazyTallulahTeddy bear6FranquezasTeddy bear