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Japanese Type 90 Tank - 2300renedelangeJapanese Type 90 Tank - 2Japanese - Type 74 tank - 2300renedelangeJapanese - Type 74 tank - 2Tank-wallpapers-832renedelangeTank-wallpapers-8Tigris - 0236BMmateTigris - 02Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0T No7035WhitebeardHudswell Clarke 0-6-0T No70Middleton Rly MANNING WARDLE 1601 MATTHEW MURRAY35WhitebeardMiddleton Rly MANNING WARDLE 1601 MATTHEW MURRAYCaptured german tanks in stalingrad 194336GioconnoConnoCaptured german tanks in stalingrad 1943Battle of Kursk, soviet side 194335GioconnoConnoBattle of Kursk, soviet side 1943Battle of Kursk, german side 194335GioconnoConnoBattle of Kursk, german side 1943Soviet tank in stalingrad 194335GioconnoConnoSoviet tank in stalingrad 1943Tank cemetery in Rzhev, 194235GioconnoConnoTank cemetery in Rzhev, 1942IS-336BMmateIS-3Type 59200TjLavinType 59D066d22fa9763112D066d22fa9763German anti-tank gun, eastern front 194235GioconnoConnoGerman anti-tank gun, eastern front 1942AMX 30B200Kamil729AMX 30BMerkava300MerkavaEx-GWR Class 48xx / 14xx 0-4-2T No.145036WhitebeardEx-GWR Class 48xx / 14xx 0-4-2T No.1450Kreidler Florett Tank RS35KreidlerbieneKreidler Florett Tank RSXB7jA150XB7jA128012Fishies300Fishies348596300Notation348596353204299Notation353204