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Wedding cookies156diana473Wedding cookiesJIGSAW.....Vintage Bear on a Little Childs Chair.24Madu65JIGSAW.....Vintage Bear on a Little Childs Chair.Cute puppy with wet face60leoleobobeoCute puppy with wet face3 KITTENS36Madu653 KITTENSGrooming 10148marymeowGrooming 101Sand Cat aka Sand Dune Cat100marymeowSand Cat aka Sand Dune CatNavy and tan mormon butterfly63leoleobobeoNavy and tan mormon butterflyCATching some rays in Sardinia, Italy6marymeowCATching some rays in Sardinia, ItalyBeach Cats - Su Pallosu, Sardinia48marymeowBeach Cats - Su Pallosu, SardiniaCat with Long Lush Tail49marymeowCat with Long Lush TailTag, you're it!49marymeowTag, you're it!Sleepy little house on the lake165diana473Sleepy little house on the lakeWater-Loving Beach Cats - Su Pallosu, Sardinia99marymeowWater-Loving Beach Cats - Su Pallosu, SardiniaTurkish Van - The Cat That Loves Water100marymeowTurkish Van - The Cat That Loves WaterFruits and vegetables160diana473Fruits and vegetablesNature's bounty160diana473Nature's bountyWeird blossoms160diana473Weird blossomsUp a lazy crick156diana473Up a lazy crickKayaking on Holland Lake in Swan Valley, Montan160diana473Kayaking on Holland Lake in Swan Valley, MontanSunflower and butterfly160diana473Sunflower and butterflyCanoe country.165diana473Canoe country.Streets of Portugal156diana473Streets of PortugalSunflowers and blue globe thistle165diana473Sunflowers and blue globe thistleSun, Clouds and Painted Desert, AZ48swreaderSun, Clouds and Painted Desert, AZ