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Sand Harbor130SinCityGirlSand HarborLake Tahoe home96scameron262Lake Tahoe homeSnow-capped mountains, Lake Tahoe,54Vivien2012Snow-capped mountains, Lake Tahoe,Lake Tahoe Sunrise60trulyLake Tahoe SunriseTaylor Creek, California252tnbsktsTaylor Creek, CaliforniaEmerald Bay300smalltowngirlEmerald BayDSC_096548DSC_0965Lake Tahoe, California70shaperLake Tahoe, CaliforniaLake Tahoe Cove300Lake Tahoe CoveSand Harbor, Lake Tahoe Nevada56Chris58Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe NevadaNevada-Lake-Tahoe70AngelRoseNevada-Lake-TahoeM.S. Dixie II35mika7M.S. Dixie IILake Tahoe54itzpuzzlingLake TahoeLake Tahoe Colors300HenryGRLake Tahoe ColorsLake Tahoe in Autumn USA98gamtnwxLake Tahoe in Autumn USADowdle 'Lake Tahoe'99Rita49Dowdle 'Lake Tahoe'Lake Tahoe in winter252tnbsktsLake Tahoe in winterLake Tahoe Located Both California and Nevada USA99gamtnwxLake Tahoe Located Both California and Nevada USALake Tahoe60pizzapopLake TahoeSouth Lake Tahoe California USA99gamtnwxSouth Lake Tahoe California USAFlowerbed Truck Lake Tahoe California USA120gamtnwxFlowerbed Truck Lake Tahoe California USALake-tahoe-cabins-wallpaper-4209lesleyann626Lake-tahoe-cabins-wallpaper-4Lake Tahoe Sierra Nevadas USA96gamtnwxLake Tahoe Sierra Nevadas USALower glen, Alpine Falls near Lake Tahoe, California from Micros80auricle99Lower glen, Alpine Falls near Lake Tahoe, California from Micros