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Endangered Species Karner Blue Butterfly78AmyJoyEndangered Species Karner Blue ButterflyGood Old Summertime, Keith Brown @ Pinterest...99715ajan3Good Old Summertime, Keith Brown @ Pinterest...Mile 1740 Purple Finch63AmyJoyMile 1740 Purple FinchWildflower New England Asters40AmyJoyWildflower New England Asters141214Adriano Galasso, colourful art...80715ajan3Adriano Galasso, colourful art...Vladimir Volegov, beautiful art...72715ajan3Vladimir Volegov, beautiful art...Perhaps Last Butterfly of Season35AmyJoyPerhaps Last Butterfly of SeasonWildflower Tansy20AmyJoyWildflower TansyMile 1726 Behind Me150AmyJoyMile 1726 Behind MePerky Porcupine54AmyJoyPerky PorcupineMohn120FloravonbistramMohnHopgrasser50AmyJoyHopgrasserMile 1708 Vermont Peek-a-boo Bear35AmyJoyMile 1708 Vermont Peek-a-boo BearLookout Sunset70AmyJoyLookout SunsetMile 1693a Gifford Woods State Park35AmyJoyMile 1693a Gifford Woods State ParkGifford Woods State Park Toadstool54AmyJoyGifford Woods State Park ToadstoolFanch Ledan, a pretty place...49715ajan3Fanch Ledan, a pretty place...Zielona weranda 8160sunyrlzZielona weranda 8Mile 1689 Churchill Scott Shelter12AmyJoyMile 1689 Churchill Scott ShelterMile 1688 Wildflower Loosestrife42AmyJoyMile 1688 Wildflower LoosestrifePico Campfire Trout91AmyJoyPico Campfire TroutPico Campfire55AmyJoyPico CampfireMile 1687 Pico Camp Shelter35AmyJoyMile 1687 Pico Camp Shelter