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Fisher Marten54AmyJoyFisher MartenHang Gliding At Greylock Summit130AmyJoyHang Gliding At Greylock SummitBascom Lodge At Greylock Summit77AmyJoyBascom Lodge At Greylock SummitTammy Laye 'Do You See What I See'150rwmainTammy Laye 'Do You See What I See'spike130spikeGardening in the 1950's80lindak748Gardening in the 1950'sBeach Paradise300monkeypantsBeach ParadiseMile 1567 Ladybug 0242AmyJoyMile 1567 Ladybug 02Summer Butterfly48AmyJoySummer ButterflySummer Planting shed by Joseph Burgess...108715ajan3Summer Planting shed by Joseph Burgess...'My Lanai' by Cynthia Conrad...80715ajan3'My Lanai' by Cynthia Conrad...Mediterranean Beauty32mika7Mediterranean BeautyIn Crete, Greece35mika7In Crete, GreeceIn Santorini, Greece32mika7In Santorini, GreeceStreet in Santorini, Greece32mika7Street in Santorini, GreeceChurch in Rhodes, Greece32mika7Church in Rhodes, GreeceCorinth Canal, Greece32mika7Corinth Canal, GreeceIn Mykonos, Cyclades Islands, Greece35mika7In Mykonos, Cyclades Islands, GreeceCountry Comforts by Michael Humphries @ Sunsout Puzzles...120715ajan3Country Comforts by Michael Humphries @ Sunsout Puzzles...Colourful Art by Mikki Senkarik...42715ajan3Colourful Art by Mikki Senkarik...Last Sunset of Summer150AndrearawrrrLast Sunset of SummerMile 1547 October Mountain Lean-to12AmyJoyMile 1547 October Mountain Lean-toUpper Goose Pond112AmyJoyUpper Goose PondMile 1538 Upper Goose Pond Cabin60AmyJoyMile 1538 Upper Goose Pond Cabin