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Texas Thunderstorm 4-18-201596DamselDebICTTexas Thunderstorm 4-18-2015Enchanted Rock, Hill Country, TX40llgreggEnchanted Rock, Hill Country, TXRoad80vroberts33RoadBears-Claw70vroberts33Bears-ClawSharon's church28babysisSharon's churchThunderstorm - Texas Panhandle -Leslie Spurlock Photography96DamselDebICTThunderstorm - Texas Panhandle -Leslie Spurlock PhotographyWall Cloud - Greensburg, KS 4-18-201599DamselDebICTWall Cloud - Greensburg, KS 4-18-2015strange visitor140ratiskanstrange visitormary poppins143ratiskanmary poppinsHenrietta, Texas Supercell-May 19, 201498westtexasgalHenrietta, Texas Supercell-May 19, 2014Booker, Texas Supercell-June 3, 201396westtexasgalBooker, Texas Supercell-June 3, 2013ocean storm160ocean stormAnchored at Cove Island60BluenoseAnchored at Cove IslandStorm Eagle81Storm EagleStorm at sea84carmenrStorm at seaSTORM36CatgirlSTORMGods country108sherrie11Gods countrystorm136CheerySeahorsestormWrath of Superior|Minnesota by laynekennedy.com96LeeShipton42Wrath of Superior|Minnesota by laynekennedy.comLighthouse 01 - Aniva Lighthouse, Russia60EmbeeLighthouse 01 - Aniva Lighthouse, RussiaMammary clouds42babysisMammary cloudsstorm in a teacup9qwertzstorm in a teacupApproaching Storm at Sunset - Zion National Park - The Watchman70swreaderApproaching Storm at Sunset - Zion National Park - The WatchmanFrom the sea88pawsawayFrom the sea