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Tuscany Delights-1195818174l300TrishaLeeTuscany Delights-1195818174lAlfred galura orchids70Alfred galura orchidsChris Krupinski berries still life70Chris Krupinski berries still life0072be7bf1d11688e7f036351c42e48599Luciana570072be7bf1d11688e7f036351c42e485Clementines and Quilt Chris Krupinski70Clementines and Quilt Chris KrupinskiAlfred Galura still life70Alfred Galura still lifeInterior with a Cactus 1914150luke1000Interior with a Cactus 1914Chris Krupinski red stripes watercolor70Chris Krupinski red stripes watercoloremlékek2198szaboicaemlékek2pipitér170szaboicapipitérmargaréta160szaboicamargarétaemlékek35szaboicaemlékekTabor fruit and parrot70Tabor fruit and parrotHibiscus hilaire bals72Hibiscus hilaire balsJeanPierreBedarrides blue bouquet70JeanPierreBedarrides blue bouquetMy Acid Workshop 1910150luke1000My Acid Workshop 1910The Studio 1895150luke1000The Studio 1895Still Life of Fruit and Flowers96gamtnwxStill Life of Fruit and FlowersArt and flowers hilaire bals70Art and flowers hilaire balsRock Ford & Toll Bridge150luke1000Rock Ford & Toll BridgeGC2001CAL067 Bumper Crop150luke1000GC2001CAL067 Bumper CropGC2001CAL066 Lakefront Treasury150luke1000GC2001CAL066 Lakefront TreasuryIris and pears ira lom lorenz70Iris and pears ira lom lorenzCatherine gratwicke floral still life60Catherine gratwicke floral still life