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Grilled Steak and Veggies300PuzzlePrincess96Grilled Steak and VeggiesFilet-mignon-wrapped-in-bacon 1024x10246joeykrzy45Filet-mignon-wrapped-in-bacon 1024x1024Steak & Eggs99questionSteak & EggsSteak & eggs (2)63questionSteak & eggs (2)Steak300dorcyannleeSteakSteak with French fries and salad6mika7Steak with French fries and saladFries, lobster & steak24dankenstyneFries, lobster & steak^ Sweet potato salad with steak35300zx^ Sweet potato salad with steakSteak24mika7SteakFood996jaxnharperFood9^ Steak sandwich35300zx^ Steak sandwichSteak sandwich12msqrd2Steak sandwichSurf and Turf36lindak748Surf and TurfBBQ steak dinner70gemini1977BBQ steak dinnerFood Grilled Steak98sb1981Food Grilled SteakDinner Time!300Taty73Dinner Time!Grilled steak dinner35girlygirlGrilled steak dinnerT-bone steak dinner35lindak748T-bone steak dinnerMore steak than chips? Nice.240RookwingsMore steak than chips? Nice.Steak300Taty73Steak^ Steak, thin fries and aspargus35300zx^ Steak, thin fries and aspargus^ Steak and fries35300zx^ Steak and friesDinner Time!300Taty73Dinner Time!Barbed Wire Grilling36AmyJoyBarbed Wire Grilling