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Albert Bridge, London35WhitebeardAlbert Bridge, LondonBonnie boo35Bonnie booDSC_0069300geofDSC_0069if i stay movie77katie100if i stay movieMia77katie100MiaDecorations by Fog & Snow60swreaderDecorations by Fog & SnowFate Stay Girls300Angel92Fate Stay GirlsX_73a1b3a328X_73a1b3a3Fate/stay night 2299OneMoreFate/stay night 2Prisma Illya300OneMorePrisma IllyaFate-Stay-Night-Anime-1024x768-3228sassy88Fate-Stay-Night-Anime-1024x768-3Fate128 stay with me231sassy88Fate128 stay with meStay With Me...100MyTommyBoyStay With Me...Fate/Stay Night300Fate/Stay NightPocahontas Corset63Pocahontas CorsetPhoto on 2011-03-22 at 17.1870Photo on 2011-03-22 at 17.18Saber60CoraltSaberSaber150CoraltSaberDeedlit and Saber99CoraltDeedlit and SaberMinecraft40MinecraftStay Alive208witsendStay Alive20131025_23180520820131025_231805Fate Stay Night Girls in Bikinis <3 <3!!300Fate Stay Night Girls in Bikinis <3 <3!!Sakura - Fate Stay Night300Sakura - Fate Stay Night