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Fitzroy National Park  Patagonia & Argentina70swreaderFitzroy National Park Patagonia & Argentina#St Peter's Basilica Rome20Kaboomer#St Peter's Basilica Rome#World's Tallest Tower- Burj Khalifa32Kaboomer#World's Tallest Tower- Burj KhalifaNewest US National Park - Pinacles, California54swreaderNewest US National Park - Pinacles, California"Window to Zion"- Marc Adamus60swreader"Window to Zion"- Marc AdamusEvening of invasion, credit: hirousuda(dA)300EmblaEvening of invasion, credit: hirousuda(dA)City of a hundred spires, credit: isacgoulart(dA)300EmblaCity of a hundred spires, credit: isacgoulart(dA)Revelation Spire lower level of this age252RookwingsRevelation Spire lower level of this ageRevelation - a Spire puzzle252RookwingsRevelation - a Spire puzzle