51 puzzles tagged spicy
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nyonya food300Dany33nyonya foodIndian Food300SevaeIndian Food^ Buffalo chicken wings lunch35300zx^ Buffalo chicken wings lunch^ Ghost peppers35300zx^ Ghost peppersFood - Spicy Tortilla Chilli112Magpie627Food - Spicy Tortilla ChilliMexican Hot Cocoa30TigerjagMexican Hot CocoaBibimbap204QofcheezBibimbapBibimbap198QofcheezBibimbap^ Chinese spicy chicken35300zx^ Chinese spicy chickenRed hot peppers63leoleobobeoRed hot peppers^ Buffalo chicken tenders35300zx^ Buffalo chicken tenders^ Spicy Southwest Grilled Cheese36300zx^ Spicy Southwest Grilled CheeseStuffed-jalapenos28lindak748Stuffed-jalapenosAlice Liddell210mjk2618Alice LiddellLast sip209mjk2618Last sipRelease me210mjk2618Release meSurvivor's guilt209mjk2618Survivor's guiltHot peppers99sandrac103Hot peppersBimbibap300QofcheezBimbibapbuffalo chicken goodness196juliaaagbuffalo chicken goodnessTortellini Chili54frostbitealleyTortellini Chilibuffalo chicken pizza208juliaaagbuffalo chicken pizzaSpicy & Crispy Chicken Caesar Club with Melted Parmesan & Mozzar80Naz7Spicy & Crispy Chicken Caesar Club with Melted Parmesan & Mozzar#Spicy Green Tea128Kaboomer#Spicy Green Tea