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I'll be seeing peas in my sleep...240RookwingsI'll be seeing peas in my sleep...Souper240RookwingsSouper^ White chicken chili35300zx^ White chicken chiliSpicy Thai Coconut Soup42jppffSpicy Thai Coconut SoupVegetarian Pho160JulchenLiddellVegetarian PhoSoup140JulchenLiddellSoupRoasted Purple Potato and Cauliflower Soup45jppffRoasted Purple Potato and Cauliflower Soupsoup and sandwich81KristinAnnsoup and sandwichSummer Borscht42jppffSummer BorschtChilli turkey. Looks a bit hot if you ask me.240RookwingsChilli turkey. Looks a bit hot if you ask me.^ Quinoa Soup, Peru35300zx^ Quinoa Soup, Peruhello80CiupercutahelloThese rolls really know how to dumple...182RookwingsThese rolls really know how to dumple...hello77CiupercutahelloSoup of the evening; beautiful soup...240RookwingsSoup of the evening; beautiful soup...Cucumber Soup300SevaeCucumber SoupMake the good choice!35heringMake the good choice!Chrysanthemum6Chrysanthemum^ Bacon and cheddar baked potato soup35300zx^ Bacon and cheddar baked potato soupMarokańska zupa dyniowa30TuptusiaMarokańska zupa dyniowaHearty winter stew.9jillnjoHearty winter stew.Chicken tortilla soup.12jillnjoChicken tortilla soup.Tajska-zupa-krewetkowa-z-warzywami300foxy99Tajska-zupa-krewetkowa-z-warzywami16142829_1496408337066126_5570147136924153046_n80Ciupercuta16142829_1496408337066126_5570147136924153046_n