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New Life~ MortKuntsler99BronwynNew Life~ MortKuntslerContinental Army Soldiers96TeperehmiContinental Army SoldiersHONOR CLOSE, SALUTE OF HONOR...70TrishaLeeHONOR CLOSE, SALUTE OF HONOR...United Nations Peacekeeping Mission60leoleobobeoUnited Nations Peacekeeping MissionVINTAGE AIRPLANES IN WAR TIME...77TrishaLeeVINTAGE AIRPLANES IN WAR TIME...SOLDIERS70TrishaLeeSOLDIERS#English Yeoman35Kaboomer#English Yeoman#For dankenstyne Thin Red Line R Gibb 3rd Reg 1854 Crimean War36Kaboomer#For dankenstyne Thin Red Line R Gibb 3rd Reg 1854 Crimean War#British Army 10th Regiment Marching Concord Massachusetts15Kaboomer#British Army 10th Regiment Marching Concord Massachusetts#For dankenstyne War of 1812 Depiction24Kaboomer#For dankenstyne War of 1812 DepictionRoyal guard changing ceremony56bardunRoyal guard changing ceremonySoviet soldiers in the battle of Kursk 194335GioconnoConnoSoviet soldiers in the battle of Kursk 1943Bless 'Em All~ Ray Cresswell --99BronwynBless 'Em All~ Ray Cresswell --Soviet soldiers in stalingrad, 194232GioconnoConnoSoviet soldiers in stalingrad, 19422390113-viking soldiers35tabranch72390113-viking soldiers#Military Reflections- Thank You!35Kaboomer#Military Reflections- Thank You!Mort Kunstler154rwmainMort KunstlerThe Wounded Soldier~ Stanley Borack96BronwynThe Wounded Soldier~ Stanley BorackReady to Fly~ Keith Stapleton99BronwynReady to Fly~ Keith StapletonFemale Soldiers209LetiBravoFemale SoldiersMoonlight & Magnolias~  Mort kunstler96BronwynMoonlight & Magnolias~ Mort kunstlerToy Soldiers for CJ15JustABugToy Soldiers for CJMagnolia Morning120BronwynMagnolia MorningThe great war on the Dolomites28GioconnoConnoThe great war on the Dolomites