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ready for battle190yankeeready for battle^ Christmas Toy Soldiers24300zx^ Christmas Toy SoldiersReims, monument WWI, France63catlocReims, monument WWI, FranceArmistice Celebrations~Fortunino Matania299BronwynArmistice Celebrations~Fortunino Matania2IMG_720999MizpahTribeIMG_7209parade112DOLOZALparadeTrooping the Colour252tnbsktsTrooping the ColourLancasters300WatervillefirefighterLancastersI dub thee...70TrishaLeeI dub thee...A PROUD FATHER70TrishaLeeA PROUD FATHERKossak Jerzy - Cud nad Wisłą117SP3ZKossak Jerzy - Cud nad WisłąRailroad~ JimHoffman96BronwynRailroad~ JimHoffmanUs soldiers remove shoes before entering the Calcutta Jain Templ35heringUs soldiers remove shoes before entering the Calcutta Jain TemplKarl Kopinski Empire Soldiers160JimbobovalsocksKarl Kopinski Empire SoldiersMEDICAL ATTENTION FOR THE GENERAL70TrishaLeeMEDICAL ATTENTION FOR THE GENERALOh I Wish He was One of Ours~ Mort Kunstler99BronwynOh I Wish He was One of Ours~ Mort KunstlerTrooping of the Colours Whitehall London90Paul16Trooping of the Colours Whitehall LondonOff to Join the War~ MortKuntsler99BronwynOff to Join the War~ MortKuntslerEspecially For You~ MortKuntsler99BronwynEspecially For You~ MortKuntslerSaying Goodbye~ Mort Kuntsler99BronwynSaying Goodbye~ Mort KuntslerArgentinian exercise99QuenojuegaArgentinian exerciseNew Life~ MortKuntsler99BronwynNew Life~ MortKuntslerContinental Army Soldiers96TeperehmiContinental Army SoldiersUnited Nations Peacekeeping Mission60leoleobobeoUnited Nations Peacekeeping Mission