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snow trails35sosanna8snow trailsLate Autumn252comulLate AutumnMcKenzie country, NZ300HeatherBMcKenzie country, NZSnow Crusted150SsancettaSnow CrustedSchnee42144250Schneewinter in the forest60sosanna8winter in the forestSnow nature130AnnelisSnow natureMont Blanc120lmsuggsMont BlancSnowy Landscape120sosanna8Snowy Landscapesnow in the park48sosanna8snow in the parkicy trees by the lake112sosanna8icy trees by the lakeJasper National Park, Canada40Jasper National Park, CanadaLOVE15zipnonLOVEChristmas day16ardenaChristmas daySnow96Willow45SnowSnowy moon240littlelornaSnowy moonstill waters108bardunstill watersPhoto by David Evans, The Northern Lights in the Scandinavian wi300julescoyotePhoto by David Evans, The Northern Lights in the Scandinavian wiSnow Covered Cactus24msqrd2Snow Covered Cactusstraight to the snowy top35sosanna8straight to the snowy topAlaska300sanjivaAlaskaColored by sunrise35sosanna8Colored by sunriseRivers Winter Forests 45085745dankenstyneRivers Winter Forests 450857SUCH A BEAUTIFUL STAR LIT NIGHT80TrishaLeeSUCH A BEAUTIFUL STAR LIT NIGHT