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HORSES IN THE WINTER SNOW54TrishaLeeHORSES IN THE WINTER SNOWSled dogs32mikhailSled dogsHaflinger Horses48WiccaSmurfHaflinger Horsessnow jaguar12hliniksnow jaguarDog 54 (Saint Bernard)300KaraMelekDog 54 (Saint Bernard)White lion-Cute animals54ghinaWhite lion-Cute animalsHorses in mountain54ghinaHorses in mountainSnow dog35LetiBravoSnow dogRed on white36LetiBravoRed on whitePolar bear35LetiBravoPolar bearMom child35LetiBravoMom childHorses35LetiBravoHorsesEars35LetiBravoEarsCutie squirrel35LetiBravoCutie squirrelBreaking bread35LetiBravoBreaking breadBald eagle32LetiBravoBald eagleJust a little higher96Tara78Just a little higherNature winter snow trees blue jay35Nicky23Nature winter snow trees blue jayBlue eyes50mikhailBlue eyesSnowy weather49mikhailSnowy weatherHart 16300KaraMelekHart 16Lion 13300KaraMelekLion 13☺♥ Majestic...25Celestialflyer☺♥ Majestic...in the rays of the winter sun12qwertzin the rays of the winter sun