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penguins15ardenapenguinspack of wolves12ardenapack of wolvespack of wolves12ardenapack of wolvessnow leopard15ardenasnow leopardA Stormy afternoon Jan Legg ©200leggie89A Stormy afternoon Jan Legg ©bald eagles in the snow35dankenstynebald eagles in the snowAussie Sunrise - Jan Legg ©204leggie89Aussie Sunrise - Jan Legg ©277477-nature-animals-leopard-snow leopards-snow6dankenstyne277477-nature-animals-leopard-snow leopards-snowCliff in Clouds120BillyKatCliff in CloudsPenguins99BillyKatPenguinsMy Place at Sunset - Jan Legg ©204leggie89My Place at Sunset - Jan Legg ©#Buttons & Strings24Kaboomer#Buttons & StringsArctic fox12ardenaArctic foxkaribu12ardenakaribuBoy & Dog By Elena Shumilova (2)42dankenstyneBoy & Dog By Elena Shumilova (2)Artic fox12ardenaArtic fox#Bluebonnets Mt. Rainier National Park15Kaboomer#Bluebonnets Mt. Rainier National ParkTwlight Tree - Jan Legg ©204leggie89Twlight Tree - Jan Legg ©awesome deer12ardenaawesome deerWolf12ardenaWolfWhite bears12ardenaWhite bearsColorado Rocky Mountains by auricle99 from magic jigsaw puzzles108auricle99Colorado Rocky Mountains by auricle99 from magic jigsaw puzzlesbeautiful elk12ardenabeautiful elkgorgeous horse12ardenagorgeous horse