33 puzzles tagged sniper

Army sniper200harryh813Army sniperSimo Häyhä, the white death35GioconnoConnoSimo Häyhä, the white deathVasily Zaitsev (left) in stalingrad 194235GioconnoConnoVasily Zaitsev (left) in stalingrad 1942Soviet snipers firing at german planes 194335GioconnoConnoSoviet snipers firing at german planes 1943Sniper300MarkovitchSniperAsdasdasd8AsdasdasdBioghost300KahlanBioghostGFY Spike, 4.15.201154GFY Spike, 4.15.2011Sniper in action98Sniper in actionD. C. Sniper Attacks63ChrisPMuffinD. C. Sniper AttacksUnnamed200JumperrUnnamedBarrett 50 Cal sniper rifle gun army99sjrh1972Barrett 50 Cal sniper rifle gun armyWindowmaker300MiniNinjaWindowmakerAmerican Sniper60AtAdamAmerican SniperKile with rifle48Kile with rifleSniper300dylanpembertonSniperSniper33Snipersniper196sniperChris Kyle Tribute300amonanChris Kyle TributeThe 9 Classes300The 9 Classes4th Mercian Regt snipers check out221bfcmik4th Mercian Regt snipers check outSimo Häyhä35GioconnoConnoSimo HäyhäTF2 Sniper banner60ScoutIanTF2 Sniper bannerSniper Joe Base150Sniper Joe Base