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Machu picchu Perú130Machu picchu PerúTubbataha National Marine Reef,Philippines35swreaderTubbataha National Marine Reef,PhilippinesChurch of Peace in Jawor, Poland35mika7Church of Peace in Jawor, PolandNotre-Dame-des-Victoires par Martin Cauchon80SergeJPNotre-Dame-des-Victoires par Martin CauchonPigeon Valley, Turkey35mika7Pigeon Valley, TurkeyThe Dazu Rock Carvings, China35mika7The Dazu Rock Carvings, Chinapaysages mise-a-l-eau91fbalsacepaysages mise-a-l-eauSnow a Rare Site in Utah Desert USA96gamtnwxSnow a Rare Site in Utah Desert USAYellowstone National Park Mountains90swreaderYellowstone National Park MountainsLiverpool Three Graces Unesco Site190PoscarLiverpool Three Graces Unesco SiteSt. Davids Cathedral80swreaderSt. Davids CathedralCliff Palace, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado80swreaderCliff Palace, Mesa Verde National Park, ColoradoSite Used in Making Indiana Jones Movie117gamtnwxSite Used in Making Indiana Jones Movie#9-11...12Kaboomer#9-11...Mt.Rushmore Vacation-Duesenberg Car 1936~ Harry Anderson99BronwynMt.Rushmore Vacation-Duesenberg Car 1936~ Harry AndersonColorful Site Figi Islands120gamtnwxColorful Site Figi IslandsTomorr Mountain National Park54swreaderTomorr Mountain National Park#Macchu Picchu300Kaboomer#Macchu PicchuFive Flower Lake in Juzhaigou Valley National Park70swreaderFive Flower Lake in Juzhaigou Valley National Parkeglise d angeac champagne130eglise d angeac champagnearthenac charente120arthenac charentedomaine de pimbert120domaine de pimbertLava flows on the big island60swreaderLava flows on the big island#Here Comes Clarence!6Kaboomer#Here Comes Clarence!