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The Winter of His Content 57300The Winter of His Content 57Specs and the City 43300Specs and the City 43Specs and the City 22300Specs and the City 22The Yellow Badge of Cowardge 184300The Yellow Badge of Cowardge 184Specs and the City 95300Specs and the City 95The Yellow Badge of Cowardge 91300The Yellow Badge of Cowardge 91Simpsons140barbvanbenSimpsonsSpecs and the City 29300Specs and the City 29The Winter of His Content 3300The Winter of His Content 3Specs and the City 33300Specs and the City 33The Yellow Badge of Cowardge 135300The Yellow Badge of Cowardge 135Teenage Mutant Milk-caused Hurdles 62300Teenage Mutant Milk-caused Hurdles 62Lisa the Veterinarian 10300Lisa the Veterinarian 10The Last Traction Hero 60300The Last Traction Hero 60Lisa the Veterinarian 2300Lisa the Veterinarian 2The Last Traction Hero 74300The Last Traction Hero 74Treehouse of Horror XXVII 5300Treehouse of Horror XXVII 5The Last Traction Hero 44300The Last Traction Hero 44The Last Traction Hero 126300The Last Traction Hero 126Treehouse of Horror XXVII 20300Treehouse of Horror XXVII 20The Last Traction Hero 94300The Last Traction Hero 94TheLastTractionHeroPromo1300TheLastTractionHeroPromo1Lisa the Veterinarian 90300Lisa the Veterinarian 90The Last Traction Hero 114300The Last Traction Hero 114