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10334436_1171753679523076_7044047710254793397_n15010334436_1171753679523076_7044047710254793397_nFriend with Benefit 71300Friend with Benefit 71Friend with Benefit 39300Friend with Benefit 39Friend with Benefit 33300Friend with Benefit 33Friend with Benefit 84300Friend with Benefit 84Friend with Benefit 38300Friend with Benefit 38Cue Detective 10300Cue Detective 10Cue Detective 85300Cue Detective 85Mathlete's Feat 138300Mathlete's Feat 138Let's Go Fly a Coot 22300Let's Go Fly a Coot 22Waiting for Duffman 95300Waiting for Duffman 95Contractor -Sky Police300Contractor -Sky PoliceBull-E 80300Bull-E 80Mathlete's Feat 116300Mathlete's Feat 116Blazed and Confused 40300Blazed and Confused 40Blazed and Confused 103300Blazed and Confused 103Mathlete's Feat 127300Mathlete's Feat 127Cue Detective 87300Cue Detective 87Cue Detective 63300Cue Detective 63Waiting for Duffman 111300Waiting for Duffman 111Let's Go Fly a Coot 11300Let's Go Fly a Coot 11Waiting for Duffman 105300Waiting for Duffman 105Mathlete's Feat 228300Mathlete's Feat 228Blazed and Confused 128300Blazed and Confused 128