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Satin,Sky-blue,Swirled35rozfromozSatin,Sky-blue,SwirledGold Fabric, Soft Folds~B48rozfromozGold Fabric, Soft Folds~BGold Fabric, Soft Folds24rozfromozGold Fabric, Soft FoldsSilk35occhiverdiSilkFils de soie35dhcpFils de soieWhen the Sunset Crowns Mt. Fuji (by Mihoko Tanaka)80AnnikeWhen the Sunset Crowns Mt. Fuji (by Mihoko Tanaka)Poppy Art Quilt (created by Sharon Koppel)63AnnikePoppy Art Quilt (created by Sharon Koppel)Everything Under the Sun (created by Barbara Harms)80AnnikeEverything Under the Sun (created by Barbara Harms)Lots Of Blue30BlindTigerLots Of BlueScarlet on silk63purrydazeScarlet on silkWhite Silk @ aliexpress.com...12715ajan3White Silk @ aliexpress.com...Rihanna, Vogue30TigerjagRihanna, VogueSo Pale a Pink49rozfromozSo Pale a PinkSilk tassels54AnnikeSilk tasselsSurf Neon Scarf @ etsy.com...12715ajan3Surf Neon Scarf @ etsy.com...Van Phuc Silk, Vietnam @ Pinterest...80715ajan3Van Phuc Silk, Vietnam @ Pinterest...Screenshot 2017-05-03-12-17-33 kindlephoto-302972924Rainbowcandy1Screenshot 2017-05-03-12-17-33 kindlephoto-3029729Screenshot 2017-05-03-12-17-33 kindlephoto-302972924Screenshot 2017-05-03-12-17-33 kindlephoto-3029729Pink Silk - Z35rozfromozPink Silk - ZRainbow Colours @ Pinterest...120715ajan3Rainbow Colours @ Pinterest...Silk Lane180HBreadSilk LaneShibori - Japanese Tie Dye99marymeowShibori - Japanese Tie Dyesilk thread108silk threadsilk117silk