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Aussie tri at the beach35Aussie tri at the beachPictures-originals-2014-Animals Dogs Shepherd lays sticking out198OlgaHelgePictures-originals-2014-Animals Dogs Shepherd lays sticking outAustralian Shepherd150Australian ShepherdWhite Swiss Shepherd Dog 600130White Swiss Shepherd Dog 600Australian Shepherd by Dean Russo35WyoAZgalAustralian Shepherd by Dean RussoTending Sheep~120BronwynTending Sheep~Puppy at bt-images.net300taffychooPuppy at bt-images.netWiley, the German Shepherd, and Buddy the Beagle35RoniPoohWiley, the German Shepherd, and Buddy the BeagleAnatolian-Shepherd40Anatolian-ShepherdLittle-Shepherd-Dona-Gelsinger99janellecarterLittle-Shepherd-Dona-GelsingerLarge German Shephard35Large German Shephard35 - Jesus The Real Shepherd300juliew6435 - Jesus The Real ShepherdJess 025209Jess 025German shepherd with pencil150Cat120German shepherd with pencil6 - Jesus The Good Shepherd198juliew646 - Jesus The Good ShepherdShep in a basket150Cat120Shep in a basketShep in a barrel150Cat120Shep in a barrelFaithful friend150Cat120Faithful friendGSD piebald35nobody0GSD piebaldThe Forgotten and Unwanted150fxgraphicaThe Forgotten and UnwantedSanta Iâde30Santa IâdeBirthday Girl Iâde63Birthday Girl Iâde1236501_562138170488265_1900703847_n901236501_562138170488265_1900703847_nOld PC Pictures 03460bbriteOld PC Pictures 034