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Horse and Carriage at Colonial Williamsburg98kittiesareniceHorse and Carriage at Colonial Williamsburg980x (2)180MODI980x (2)BIGHORN SHEEP photographed by BILL CAMERON112JerriMowry1BIGHORN SHEEP photographed by BILL CAMERONSheep70MarliesHalseySheepComeragh Mountains,Ireland-sheep12ardenaComeragh Mountains,Ireland-sheepRodriguez "Always Friends"56WyoAZgalRodriguez "Always Friends"Rodriguez "Falling Asleep" Navajo Girls54WyoAZgalRodriguez "Falling Asleep" Navajo GirlsFarmhouse and sheep - Germany60leoleobobeoFarmhouse and sheep - GermanyCrocheted Happy Lamb60leoleobobeoCrocheted Happy LambFarm Portrait42ladyandtrampFarm PortraitBaby-sheep-lambs-01300FireandIceTBaby-sheep-lambs-01Animal friends36jamartaAnimal friendsThe Big Horns96TJourdenThe Big HornsSheep at Colonial Williamsburg96kittiesareniceSheep at Colonial Williamsburgsheep,Norway12ardenasheep,NorwayHank On Duty198thecrazysheepladyHank On Duty^ Yorkshire Dales National Park, England20300zx^ Yorkshire Dales National Park, EnglandThree cute sheep - Scotland60leoleobobeoThree cute sheep - ScotlandWorking Dog32Cookie303Working Dog^ Valais Blacknose sheep24300zx^ Valais Blacknose sheep^ Honk Honk ~ Debi Hubbs35300zx^ Honk Honk ~ Debi Hubbsdyed sheep28ozlodyed sheepLinda Birkinshaw 'Sheep Sale'150rwmainLinda Birkinshaw 'Sheep Sale'^ Grunt's Feed Store ~ Jack Allen35300zx^ Grunt's Feed Store ~ Jack Allen