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^ Yorkshire Dales National Park, England20300zx^ Yorkshire Dales National Park, EnglandThree cute sheep - Scotland60leoleobobeoThree cute sheep - ScotlandWorking Dog32Cookie303Working Dog^ Valais Blacknose sheep24300zx^ Valais Blacknose sheep^ Honk Honk ~ Debi Hubbs35300zx^ Honk Honk ~ Debi Hubbsdyed sheep28ozlodyed sheepLinda Birkinshaw 'Sheep Sale'150rwmainLinda Birkinshaw 'Sheep Sale'^ Grunt's Feed Store ~ Jack Allen35300zx^ Grunt's Feed Store ~ Jack AllenRocky Jockies72bobduckyRocky JockiesBig Horn sheep24bodhi4meBig Horn sheepTechnicolor Sheep96ladyandtrampTechnicolor SheepSweet Corn & Summer Dreams~ Wooster-Scott99BronwynSweet Corn & Summer Dreams~ Wooster-Scott^ Pastel pencil art by Colin Bradley35300zx^ Pastel pencil art by Colin BradleyDonkeys sheep and mutton45gelsominaDonkeys sheep and muttonBig Horn Sheep35Cookie303Big Horn Sheep^ He's got this under control36300zx^ He's got this under controlSheep round-up at sunset - Idaho60leoleobobeoSheep round-up at sunset - IdahoSheep cows by gordon bruce150mirellassSheep cows by gordon bruceBlackface-sheep-in-barn-meadow70gelsominaBlackface-sheep-in-barn-meadow^ Hand Wash Only ~ Thomas Joseph35300zx^ Hand Wash Only ~ Thomas JosephValais sheep - Switzerland96claudiacm1146Valais sheep - SwitzerlandWoman-Knitting-from-a-Sheep-6225web-36gelsominaWoman-Knitting-from-a-Sheep-6225web-^ Isle of Ewe ~ Thomas Joseph24300zx^ Isle of Ewe ~ Thomas JosephHerd Portrait72pizzapopHerd Portrait