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Australia Cradle Mountain Boat Shed Dove Lake98TerriCAustralia Cradle Mountain Boat Shed Dove Lake#Shed Door48Kaboomer#Shed DoorRecycled Tree Stump110AmyJoyRecycled Tree StumpA painted fish shed299karlakellyA painted fish shedOdessa cider mill and shed church77goosealleygalOdessa cider mill and shed churchShed out back108sherrie11Shed out backshed 270ponchoshed 2Old Shed130ponchoOld Shed^ Best garden shed48300zx^ Best garden shed^ Man Cave Shed-Cottage48300zx^ Man Cave Shed-CottageThe Garden Shed~100BronwynThe Garden Shed~Jane Maday 'The Garden Shed'150rwmainJane Maday 'The Garden Shed'^ Mountain farm smokehouse48300zx^ Mountain farm smokehouse^ Past Meets Present, Kansas35300zx^ Past Meets Present, Kansas^ Hopeful hoops42300zx^ Hopeful hoopsVarious 397 flowered fence300PixiVarious 397 flowered fenceCats in the garden shed100gwest1955Cats in the garden shed^ Tuttle Top Farm28300zx^ Tuttle Top FarmMom's Shed72TerriCMom's Shed^ Pastoral scene54300zx^ Pastoral scene^ Former farmhouse, Harvard, MA48300zx^ Former farmhouse, Harvard, MANew Edinburgh shed198karlakellyNew Edinburgh shedThe wellhouse150karlakellyThe wellhouse^ Small rustic studio-shed-cabin45300zx^ Small rustic studio-shed-cabin