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Dragonflly quilt30LoisMountzDragonflly quiltOrange pieced quilt.35jillnjoOrange pieced quilt.charm quilt196susan75charm quiltOld Singer sewing machine54Vivien2012Old Singer sewing machineEmma in the Looking Glass Art Quilt70WyoAZgalEmma in the Looking Glass Art QuiltEnter My Sanctuary Art Quilt80WyoAZgalEnter My Sanctuary Art QuiltCapturing Brittany Art Quilt72WyoAZgalCapturing Brittany Art QuiltSarah duffey quilt40WettSarah duffey quiltMolly stevens entry tokoyo quilt festival72WettMolly stevens entry tokoyo quilt festivalPillow brightness9jillnjoPillow brightnessZingy colored quilt24jillnjoZingy colored quiltExciting Handbag45WyoAZgalExciting Handbag^ Self-stripeing yarn20300zx^ Self-stripeing yarnYalke Blue Tribal Fabric56WyoAZgalYalke Blue Tribal FabricDay Lilies Quilt Close Up Jinny Beyer70WyoAZgalDay Lilies Quilt Close Up Jinny BeyerRhapsody Quilt Close-Up Jinny Beyer70WyoAZgalRhapsody Quilt Close-Up Jinny BeyerVintage Singer20Cookie303Vintage SingerWild Bush Flowers Fabric56WyoAZgalWild Bush Flowers FabricStrawberry patchwork9jillnjoStrawberry patchwork^ Crochet zinnia potholders35300zx^ Crochet zinnia potholdersTexture and colour90ArtQuarkTexture and colourQuilting80ArtQuarkQuiltingDetail japanese quilt63walkswithDetail japanese quiltDetail of fumiko nakayama quilt63WettDetail of fumiko nakayama quilt