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Irish Setter Sits in the Danube35TigerjagIrish Setter Sits in the DanubeWe need to run a brush through our ears!35TigerjagWe need to run a brush through our ears!On Faraid Head, UK20TigerjagOn Faraid Head, UKLet's Play!35TigerjagLet's Play!Cool Down35TigerjagCool DownBasket o' pups35TigerjagBasket o' pupsThe Lookout30TigerjagThe LookoutIrish Beauty35TigerjagIrish BeautyMy girl, Pace36TigerjagMy girl, PaceGordon Setter28Gordon SetterSalsa is afraid of Baggs90TigerjagSalsa is afraid of BaggsEnglish Setter Belton80claudiacm1146English Setter BeltonSpaniel & English Setter88claudiacm1146Spaniel & English SetterSalsa waiting for the ball108TigerjagSalsa waiting for the ballPicante after a swim99TigerjagPicante after a swimEnglish Setter Belton90English Setter BeltonEnglish Setter60SpidersnailEnglish SetterFEATURED IRISH SETTER24zipnonFEATURED IRISH SETTERIrish Setter48nobody0Irish SetterIrish-setter-puppies60lovellIrish-setter-puppiesIrish-setter70lovellIrish-setterTeddington Lock Setter168KsboyTeddington Lock Setter40_Doc2110pkadlec40_Doc2Irish Setter80LinnaeusIrish Setter